Setting up server shutdown messages

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  • I cannot find any information on Nitrado wiki or google or youtube about setting up recurring automated server messages at a set timeframe before the server shuts down. i.e. "Server is shutting down in 15 minutes" then "10 minutes" then "5 minutes" etc. can someone point me to a resource that properly explains this process for ark mobile? thank you

  • The timed restart does give a countdown, but obviously not as long as you would like.

    An automated rcon message feature isn't available in our WebInterface at the moment for Ark Mobile, but I can definitely put it on the dev's to-do list to look into the possibilities of it.

    Thank you. It would be really great if it restarted similar to official servers. More precise notice so people aren’t mid air or on the other side of the map and get a 60 second warning.