Configuration dont work

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  • So i just made some changes on my server yesterday and saw that most of the settings are gone, my servers are now in pvp instead of pve and i keep trying to change it but the server stay in pvp, i cant make any changes it look like the server dont detect them and i really need help, i already loaded an old configuration but the settings are exactly the same which make no sens it was like a 2 days ago profile.

    And what is the line to change pve and pvp mode i cant find it in expert mode

  • Hello,

    You can not use ExpertSettings along with the WebUI where you make changes in the GUI. You need to select one or the other.

    If you are using Expert Settings, the server MUST be shutdown for at least 5m. Make your changes, save, then start.

    If you are using the WebUI, server can be up. Just click save when you are done and restart.

    This information is also available in the Wiki.