PS4 Nitrado questions

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  • Hello,

    I have managed to manipulate loot spawns and amounts. I was in a custom server yesterday in which every zombie we killed had 2 items in its inventory. How do they do this? Also spawning cars with all the parts and gas in the trunk? is this the deloot factor? or the quantmin quantmax???

    One more. Does anyone know how to locate coordinates for spawnpoints? anyone have a list of where some of the coordinates actually are.

    I am able to take all spawns out but one and we all start there but when I try a different coordinate as the only spawn we all still start on the previous coordinate.

    ANy help or guides are greatly appreciated.

  • to spawn cars in with all parts you need to change the chance of them spawning with the car. go into cfgspawnabletypes.xml and go right to the bottom to find the cars, change all chances to 0.90 and they will spawn with everything 90% of the time. as for the fuel im not too sure on that ill have to go through the files and try to find out.