"Connection Timeout" on PC

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  • Okay I'm close to cerebral hemorrhage and I'm not in a hmm good mood, so I try to write it in a friendly way if I could...

    I had enough of this fcking "Timeout" error every time I want to connect - or connect back - to my server - for what I pay for. I even thought about taking it somewhere else.

    I have to do this madness for more than 10 minutes and after that the server graciously let me in. A friend of mine can join to the server instant.

    I have tried everything - like router reset, game restart, pc restart etc. - so no need those kind of advice thx.

    I would like to get a decent answer - or a solution - from the support because this is a bullshit and boring...

    edited: and it's been going on since I rented the server, which is more than 20 days by now, that's why I'm a little bit grumpy...

  • Hello

    Sorry you're having a connection timeout error. Have you already submitted a support ticket for this issue it could be something unrelated to what you're doing and something support should take a look at if its constantly happening

    Okay here is the story of the past hour and I hope the problem is understandable from this little essay:

    I looked after it, and at the: "Write a support ticket" option only brought me to the FAQ page. But inside the FAQ there wasn't any clear answer for my problem. Okay there wasnt any for this issue at all, not even a: "if this happens pls contact with out support team". But maybe it was just me who is blind and can not find it. And there are only search in the FAQ, navigate etc there, and I didnt get it why the option: Write a support ticket brings you to the FAQ page? It doens't make any sense...

    After this I found some kind of a "Support assistant" page which also only navigate you - me - to the "knowledge base" if you use any of the icons under the sign... another thing which makes no sense... if I clicked on the "No solution found" button that takes me to the call them on phone - 2 numbers: Germany and USA - or I can contact with them via slype, who the hell uses skype now days? And by the way I don't have time and mood to talk someone in a language that is not my mother tongue and try to get him to understand my problem. Warning massive spoiler danger ahead: "it is mission impossible". Not to mention paying the phone bill - which not gonna hmm cheap? - because I did not live in USA or even in Germany. Okay here can say then use skype it is free. Yeah it is free but still there the problem I mentioned above the: "language that is not my mother tongue and try to get him to understand my problem", so this options are out.

    The other option is the E-mail there. - and look! a miracle! the possibility to write a ticket to the support? Finally after an hour of search and after a few heart attack, the poor user found what you should have found immediately under the: "Write a support ticket", under the help button.

    And from now I gonna give it a try and fill out the form and see what gonna happen! :)

    Don't get me wrong I'm not mad at you! I am glad that someone - you - at least answered here so soon. Which makes me a little bit happy. :)