DayZ Sever restart loop

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  • Good afternoon Nitrado,

    I bought a 10 slot DayZ sever yesterday and used NY as my sever location with Livonia (Enoch) for the map. when I use the nitrado app or web interface it’s on the constant restarting loop. I have uninstalled the sever and reinstalled it 5 times, changed the name, and reset it back to the default settings and nothing has worked. I saw this was a issue back in sept 2019 and wasn’t sure if it got sorted out. I did see the thread listed by the mod in this section and tryed everything he mentioned to do and none of it worked. I did put in a support ticket yesterday so I’m just waiting on a response. Anyone else experiencing this problem and if so how did you solve it if you did solve it.

    Thanks for your time and checking out this thread.