Server Stuck in restart loop

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  • So I bought the server yesterday and I have been heavily editing the server, I just pressed "Restart" to apply my changes... Now the server is stuck in a constant loop.

    After 10 restarts it allowed me to force stop the server which seemed to work for a while but then restarted, I've tried everything I can. Even restoring back to previous saves...

    Anyone able to offer me a solution? I've only just got this server and my friends are eager to play.

    Much appreciated,


  • You'll have to call them. In my experience. Submitting a ticket takes awhile. I'll test the theory now. It's 2:15 PM EST. I'll call them and see if I can get them to fix. If there's a way to do it on our own, I'll report that back as well. Stand by

  • Concur with Anubisfm79, I was informed of the same. I asked if they could force shut down the server but they will not do anything while their tech support works on the issue. This isn't the first time this exact issue has occurred. It's something along the lines of a script that runs bananas. This is unfortunately what happens when they get to be the only service that gets to provide servers for Xbox. But at least they're trying to do something about it... with as much money as they charge, you'd think they'd have state of the art server technology but hey... what do I know? Sorry folks, it's just sit and wait for now.