Minecraft-How to rent server for Xbox/PC Crossplay?

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  • Ok, so I am new to Nitrado and have searched hard for how to actually do this but I have come up empty handed. I tried my self and was out some cash because I apparently did it wrong. After search with no clear defined answers, i have come to the Forum for help.

    I want to create an Xbox One/PC Crossplay Minecraft Server. You cant create it from the Nitrado Website because you will not be able to locate the server on Xbox One. However, if you use the Nitrado App on Xbox One or the Microsoft Store, the options it gives you is to rent it for PC. There is no Xbox One or Crossplay option like other games that are clearly listed in the Games Category stating Xbox/Windows 10 Crossplay.

    I dont want to lose money again by "trying" different things so if someone can tell me exactly how to rent the Xbox One and PC (Windows 10) Minecraft Crossplay Server, that would be really awesome.