Not able to join my own server

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  • So I got a Dayz xbox server. I was playing on it fine for several hours, then I tried to open a door in a building and the door didn't open, the prompt to press "x" to open the door vanished, and I was unable to interact with anything in the game. I logged out and logged back in, and at this point I was kicked from the server, with the message "You were kicked off".

    Now when i try to rejoin the server, I get timed out and it doesn't join.

    I have restarted the server, restarted my game, restarted my xbox, restarted my router, added myself to the ban list (and it shows me the message in game that I was banned), and removed myself from the ban list. However it continues to time me out when i try to join the server. Other people can join the server without incident.

    Any help would be appreciated.