Mines and base!!

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  • So after awhile i got the game stable and have been able to play and have about 20ish hours and i have a few questions. Firstly i just survived the day 14 horde just and used all my ammo around 700 bullets so does anyone have any tips for the hordes i want to fight them and not hide from them.

    Second questions is that I made my base next to a river for easy water and not so far from a village ive been looting but there is a small church all by it self in a forest and was thinking of making that a home base and moving my crafting and storage there so would that be a good idea or the other way around.

    lastly mines in houses are annoying and kill me a lot I read they spawn in the wastland but im not in one and i never spot them like one time i got in a building though the roof as it had ladder to moved to like two feet and died to one how do i spot them or is there a way to avoid them, thanks for help in advance.

  • Look for anything like Wheel hubs, Tins, Cooking pots etc on the floor. If they are on the floor then they are mines. You can either avoid them or shoot them to make them explode.

    Always look around you before moving........

    Re hordes - remember they will continue to spawn all night - so take your time and manage your ammo. Single shots - not full auto (Semi Mod on the AK is a must). I play with 4 other people and can easily go through several thousand rounds in a night. Just take your time - the quicker you kill, the more zombies will spawn and you will run out.....

    You can make a main base in which you have everything stored in - you can also make a smaller "horde base" for fighting the hordes when you have enough resources to do so. Means you aren't putting your main base at risk.

    I would also recommend watching Jawoodle on Youtube - he is brilliant and tries out lots of different base designs. My group are always taking inspiration from him......