Black maps, copycat islands, can’t level on xBox

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  • I may have incorrect settings but need help. Just purchased an xbox server and made it to level 8 but can’t seem to progress now because we can’t reach anything new. Travelled to find discoveries and every island looks the exact same. Also the map is completely black and all treasure maps are empty. I saw another thread talk about resetting maps but I don’t think we have that option on Xbox. Does anyone have any suggestions. Starting to think I wasted my money.

  • when it comes to Atlas if you're playing on the ocean map you have to purchase multiple servers. Each server makes up what's called grids. Each grid is technically a server.

    The server you're playing on is called your home server it only contains the home islands that are exactly the same.

    If you only want to use one server go into the dashboard and change the map from ocean to Blackwood. This is a standalone map for Atlas. The Blackwook map give you the entire experience of playing Atlas on one server/grid

    Hope this helps.