Unable to load mods on dayz server

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  • Hey all,

    Ive been having some issues with loading mods on my new DayZ Standalone server I just rented. Ive read a lot of online support threads, but nothing people are saying is working.

    Here's what Ive done:

    Uploaded the appropriate mods to the server via winscp

    uploaded the keys from the mods to the keys folder on the server

    enabled the mods on the server config page (eg. @mod1;@mod2;@mod3; ...etc)

    rebooted server

    those are the instructions per https://wiki.nitrado.net/de/dayz_(pc)_modifikationen

    One suggestion that I found in another thread was to download the DZSALModServer.exe and put it on the server. I attempted to upload the .exe and it told me I didnt have permission. I assume that file is for a local server that I own and not for a rented one.

    I also cant see the mods on the DZSA launcher. Is this symptomatic of the issue?

    I can access the game on the server when I dont run any mods. But when I enable even one mod (@CF), it tells me that it cant find the .pbo file.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • So,if Im understanding, there is no way to put a modded server from this site on the dzsa launcher?

    The only way to do this is to load it through dayz experimental?

    I do have the same mods on my client device