In which games did you spend most of your time?

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  • Didn't really count the hours but I spent a lot of time playing League since season 4 . At the same time I was obsessed with strategic games like rome/empire total war. Lately I've been grinding Apex

  • Overall hours would have to go to Halo Reach or Halo 3. I don't know about Halo 3 time but I have over 400 hours on Reach. Singleplayer only would be Deus Ex Human Revolution. Probably about 70 hours, beat it 3 separate times.

  • For this generation, Skyrim with 165 hours. Although ever would have to be Halo 2...I used to be part of a clan and we'd play for hours a night for about two years. I can imagine that my hours in that game span the thousands. Diablo 2 is pretty high up there too.