message of the day not working after beacon upload

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  • hi all been trying to wrap my head around this one for a long time spoke to the guys at beacon and nitrado and they are not really sure what to do so here goes i uploaded my beacon file in that process it automatically turn my settings to expert i understand how to change values via that option not a problem but what i dont understand is my message of the day is not working when i log in or anyone else to some not a big deal but for my server i need this message to display i dont know if the motd command has moved to the wrong place or what i have no idea as it was not my intention to use expert mode but beacon activates this so here is my gameusersettings.ini file if you guys could help that would be greatly appreciated thank you

  • If you expert settings, you will not be able to use the default WebUI motd or settings. Check your ini file and make sure you have your motd there correctly.

    Also your MOTD can not have special characters if you do.

  • beacon defaultly creates its own MOTD, when i reviewed my code afterwards in expert mode there were two separate motd line, spreaded apart substantially. You'll have to clear the junk lines beacon added. If there is none listed, then you'll have to add the line in expert.


    Message=Welcome;Aberration resources located in White Supply Drops. Gasbag-Dunes, Managamyr-right snowpeak, Snow Owl-Snow, Gacha-Jungle, Velonosuar-Green desert, Karkinos-Center Canyon, Enforcer/Ravenger-Cave, RollRat-Redwood, Basilisk/RockDrake-Volcano.

    Thats a snip it from my code