Conan game update & dash message

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  • Just a heads up that the message in the dashboard regarding removing Emberlight is incorrect. If you remove this mod it will remove the items placed in the world. Nitrado are aware but haven't been able to change it yet :)

    You can ignore this message and just update your mods. If you are having issues, you should check the Steam pages (and Discord servers) of your mods for updates and solutions, starting with the main mods you have installed.


    After the latest Conan game and devkit update, our heavily modded Conan server was failing to launch on restart. For us, this was because Emberlight & Improved Quality of Life (iQoL) were editing the same file so were conflicting. But both have been updated and are working fine together :D

    If your server is not starting or is crashing, it would be best to start looking at the mods Steam pages and Discord servers.
    - Admins United: Conan
    Discord: Discord

    - Emberlight Discord: Discord

    Hope this helps some people!
    - Kim

  • Hopefully folks already would be aware of you remove a mod from any game it would remove that mods stuff. Support had removed the message some time ago.

    Thank you though for sharing this as some may not be aware. Thank you again. :)