Xp/ and dino levels questions

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  • Hello,

    I am new to this whole thing and I previously played on a server that when you first logged in and created a server it gave you a lot of experience and let you place it in the areas where you wanted it and it would automatically unlock all engrams for you as you go and drops had random things like generators things like that in them, Cant seem to figure out how they did that would like help with that also all my dinos on my server seem to be really low levels how can change that so that higher level dinos are spawning in ? thanks

  • Hello,

    you can unlock al engrams at general settings.
    Send me details of what drops you want etc, i can make a .ini file for you.

    Best if you tel me this:

    -Breeding Multipliers
    -Difficulty (Maximum Creature level: like level 350 wild is Difficulty 11.666667)
    -Harvest Rates
    -loot drops:
    Cave-green, blue, yellow & red:
    Boss rewards:
    -Player stat multipliers
    -Player and Tame levelups (EXP for add levels)