Difficulty wont change

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  • Hello all,

    I recently attempted to change wild dino levels from 120 max on the Island to 150 using the difficulty and overide max difficulty settings. When I changed everything back my wild dinosaurs are now stuck at level 1-25 nothing higher. I have done multiple dinosaur wipes and setting adjustments to fix it including setting difficulty back to .5 and overide difficulty at 0. Nothing seems to fix it. I have too many hours into it to wipe the entire file. Can anyone offer advice?

  • Of course while the server is stopped, set both numbers to 0 and they should automatically go back to default values. Follow up with a dino wipe and you should see it back to normal. Keep in mind most dinos are going to be lower levels with the default numbers.. Not every dino will be max or close to max level.

    It sounds like these are under the normal settings? I recommend using the expert settings if you aren't. In your GameUserSettings.ini under [ServerSettings] make sure these two lines are in there and you should see your dinos higher leves up to 150.




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