Arma 3 Vanilla Server (Running Antistasi) not in server browser

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  • Set the server up a few days ago, got all the mods running and the server was running fine for me during a day of testing but now its come time to actually use the server isn't in the server browser, it doesn't show on attempting a direct connect and it doesn't show in my recent servers. I've looked for a reason why in the logs but other than a few errors with ACE that I can't imagine would hide an entire server from the browser I can't find anything. I've tried restarting the server and outright stopping and starting it to no avail, only slightly odd thing is the server seems to be running at near constant RAM usage for some reason?

    Also why do you have to select a label for a mod even when running a vanilla server?

    If anyone could help us get in to the server for our session today that'd be amazing. ^^

  • Hello Crome676,

    Basically if in the Arma 3 Log's file you don't have this line writted in the end :

    "Connected to Steams Server",

    Then you need to investigate what's wrong, which mods is causing you the error for not starting (the server won't show up if he isn't nicely configured that's why)

    If you have question or anything contact me on Private Message or on this thread. ;)