Server issues

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  • Constantly getting kicked or not able to log into the server. It's been a couple days now, will there be days added to my subscription or is it just a "you're shit out of luck" situation? Cant say I'm overly happy with not being able to use what I'm paying for

  • You said it. same here. I feel like I am getting ripped off here. I understand its not completely Nitrado's fault but I do agree with the idea of Nitrado being considerate and adding days the servers are down to the end of our subscription. But that would make to much sense these days

  • I wonder if this would constitute consumer fruad because we are paying for a service that we are clearly not receiving. So the question becomes is Nitrado unable or unwilling to provide the service/services they are selling?

    Frosted as I said above for any type of compensation for downtime you will need to submit a support ticket. On the forum I do not have access to your accounts or servers.

  • I must apologize because I was apparently somewhat rushed in my accertion's. I was able to log into my server about a hour after posting here but lost connection to host (which is further than I have gotten in two days) so it appears that Nitrado is working on the issue but I have to say the really need better communication because there is NO message appearing on my end under settings or any other options and a person would think that knowing a problem is affecting so many customers Nitrado would post a message on the customers dashboard so they are immediately aware there may be a "known" issue.

  • I have to say that I came back to Ark about 6 months ago and have been playing on two different Nitrado servers. In that time one server experienced isolated connection issues and Nitrado got it resolved within hours of reporting it. This outage just recently is the only large outage I have seen otherwise not related to bad Wildcard updates. And the communication has been excellent. Running these servers depends on a lot of moving pieces and things are bound to occasionally go wrong. Perhaps some understanding is in order instead of pretending the sky is falling whenever something does go wrong once in a while. Thank you Rondeau04 for keeping us in the loop. I wish Wildcard's communication was good as Nitrado's!