7Days world selection/ Uploading singleplayer save/map

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  • Am trying to upload my singleplayer world to the server i recently purchased and cant seem to figure out how to get it to take. Have tried using FTP to just upload the save file I have from steam folder, but it doesnt take to it, and only continues registering the default Navesgene. Tried deleting the Navesgene file after uploading the save file and it still ignores it and re-creates the Navesgene to use it. More confusing still is I've tried to recreate the world through the config options but there none of the new world gen types available. I.E. Zehayu, Wokoca and such

  • There are lots of settings you need to have correct - including the game name.

    I've not attempted to upload a saved game to my server but i have lots of experience in putting custom maps up.

    I strongly recommend using Nitrogen to generate custom maps - its absolutely brilliant and works every time.

    Once you have a map you are happy with you just upload the whole map folder to the worlds folder on the server. It will then show up on the map selection options.