Nitrado servers good or bad?

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  • I'm seeking the option of having my own server for the tribe I'm part of on Ark. As far as we know, the dedicated servers require the host to be online, and the others have to be in close proximity to the host when in game. So that brings me to Nitrado. I have seen a few videos and mentions of Nitrado as an alternative hosting site for Ark servers. Does anyone have any experience with this host, or knowledge at all?

    We only have a few people, but we would like to have our own world away from the lag and problems caused by others. I've also heard that Wildcard is working on its own dedicated servers for consoles, and perhaps we might have rented servers that would allow us to have less limitations than hosted servers.

  • The servers so far have been amazing for me. I love the control of everything. Very simple ordering and getting the server. I was up and running in a matter of minutes.

    Just like everything else you may have hiccups along the way. That's why we are here though as forums and a community to help each other learn and figure out any issues we may run into.

    Which system are you going to be playing on also? I am currently running an xbox server. I run everything directly from an app on my phone. I can make changes, start and stop the server, kick players, the only thing we dont have for xbox is mods. I can however change what's called the ini file and all all sorts of stuff to the game.

    You should check out the Nitradopedia it has a lot of common questions about Nitrado and their servers. You came to the right place though. Hopefully this helps you some

    Welcome to the forums!!