My introduction!

  • I wanted to take a few mintues just to introduce myself. Ive Joined Nitrado as part of the English Forums Moderation Team along side DOAGEN .

    My Name is Ray but pretty much everyone just calls me by my last name Rondeau which just so happens to be part of my gamertag as well. I have an amazing wife and Daughter with a son arriving any day now. You will always find me in and about the forums helping out and checking out all the new posts.

    I have been into gaming pretty much since I can remember. I grew up playing video games pretty much every single day. I remember playing through games like Chrono Trigger and FF7. I made sure I went back to get all the endings in Chrono Trigger and I had to get every single thing possible in FF7 . I remember spending hours getting that Gold Chocobo and finally getting to round island so I could get Knights of the Round. I must have played these two games from beginning to end numerous times.

    These days im big on Xbox One as its pretty much the only system I play. I love open world survival game like Ark and DayZ. I'm Currently addicted to These BR like so many people. you can always find me online playing a lot of Fortnite with my Wife and daughter or playing some PubG and Apex Legends. you can catch me streaming pretty much every game I'm playing over on my Mixer Channel. If you are every looking for someone to party up with just send me an invite over on XBOX my GT is BBH Rondeau04.

    My current Nitrado Server is a 10 Person PVE server on XboxOne. It has some slight boosts but not too crazy. If you ever want to join in and have some fun just shoot me a mesage and Ill give you the details!! The server is mainly made up of friends I have met on XBOX over the years. We always welcome newcomers though.

    Dont ever hesitate to come say hello or stop in to introduce yourself!! I am always looking to meet more of the community members and help where I can.

    Mixer: Rondeau04

    XBox GT: BBH Rondeau04