Purchased a server but never received it

  • I purchased a Ark Xbox server through the Nitrado Xbox app last Thursday but never received the server. I got the email confirmation from Microsoft that I purchased the server. It shows up in my order history that I purchased the server but on the Nitrado Xbox app under servers it says I dont have one. Even on the Nitrado website it says I dont have a service. I contacted Nitrado support about this and they're saying its a issue with Microsoft stores API. Then earlier this morning got another email from support saying this issue still seems to be persistent and that I should contact Microsoft for a refund. I'm wondering how many others have bought an Xbox server recently and hadn't received the server or if others have bought a server and did receive the server.

  • Its what it says, its an API issue and it does happen. The only way to resolved is when the customer goes to MS and asks for a refund, then purchase a new one. It could have been atm it was purchase the connection was down. This sadly does happen, but rare. Others are purchasing and it works fine. Probably a glitch that day.