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  • Hello folks,

    Is anyone available with some understanding and experience with the NITRAPI, looking to do some projects that call on it and cannot find documentation for this, at least not a complete one.

    Thanks in advance


    What's so thin about these docs? With a bit of engineering knowledge, the use of the API should be no problem... Got any actual issues? You could share them with me and I'll try to help. Even though I have never used it, I still think (from what I read in the docs) it should be only of moderate difficulty to get that service up and running.

  • There is nothing specific for the PHP SDK which is my issue, I have noticed many people making the same comments, for the official SDKs there is no help, support or examples. I tried to contact support but they just forward me back to the docs so I'm at a dead end and don't have money to pay someone to build it for me either. So I am trying to find some help or even an example someone has made but so far nothing.

    Really would appreciate if anyone can show me an example of the PHP SDK downloading things like log files or gameserver files such as xmls

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    Been gaming and messing around with servers for over 20 years

    Love everything IT related and don't mind helping others if I have time...

  • Little late but nevertheless:
    For downloading files there is something in the PHP SDK:

    In general, a request is made to the API for getting the download url, you don't get the file stream returned there since this is not what the api should handle. Instead you can use the download url (including a one-time-token for authentication) to download the file right from the fileserver running on the gameservers host.

  • I am also attempting to interface with my Nitrado Servers through a Discord bot I am coding. Is there anybody around I could possibly chat with and pick your brain for a moment pretty please? The Fileserver.php is handy though. Just new to this realm, Ive always coded in C or .net and never really used API until now.