Atlas server settings

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  • so I started an atlas server for xbox and I'm looking to change the stat gain per level and I can't find anny options for it. Iv played other servers hosted by nitrado and they have boosted stats....?

    Anny help would be appreciated

  • This how i have mine set up

    "OverrideShooterGameModeDefaultGameIni": {

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[0]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[1]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[2]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[3]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[4]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[5]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[6]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[7]": "8",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[8]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[9]": "5",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[10]": "8",

    "PerLevelStatsMultiplier_Player[11]": "5",

    I hope it helps, its hard to find any help with this kind of stuff because nobody wants to give out there info due to losing players on there clusters.

  • I'm trying to figure out where to even put these settings, i just got my nitrado server today, so literally a day 1 user. any help woudl be appreciated.