QUESTION about Nitrado ARK survival servers,

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  • Want to know, If I purchase my own nitrado server to run ARK, can I log in, ragnarok, switch to Extinction to get a managarmr or 2, and then back to Abberation to get some rock drakes, then back home to ragnarok to my mansion on the hill..

    Or do i have to choose one game to play,, as in Always log in to Rag, OR one of other game modes, thanks,

  • ok so im ont 100% sure of your answer yet :) I appreciate the response,, so ill try to explain on better details :)

    ON PC

    Currently i play on Legacy Ragnarok ((3 servers), Aberration 1 server, Extinction 1 server, all Legacys, and they are all being shut down. I have not been able to find a Viable server to tranfer all my Dinos equipment Etc to , thats NOT being deleted By WildCard.

    So as *I understand my options* I can sit back let everything Get deleted.. OR i can purchase my own private server and move them to it.

    I *believe* that if i had my Own server I can access *mods* admin, Cheat codes and spawn myself dinos, plus items etc. But I would PREFER to go tame them, breed them up the old fashioned way.

    So as things stand for now* Until server wipes---- I Transfer my dinos, In cryo pods from one server to another, in my character inventory, and i Transfer my c haracter from extinction by my base, to abberration where I can tame some Rock drakes, then Throw them in cryos, and head over to ragnarok tame a few OVIS and then go back to my base in Extinction.

    So by renting my own server Is it the same idea ? Can I go to one server tame some dinos, throw them in Cryo pods, in my inventory, and Change my character back to extinction,

    OR do i have to setup my server with Extinction, Upload everything to Data, reset server to a new game mode, I.E Ragnarok, tame my ovis, get some wyvern eggs,, Upload everything to data, Switch server to change BACK to extinction etc etc.

    is it simple and fasst or more arduous and time consuming. or is it possible at all ?

  • Yes you can switch between maps you just need to allow downloads and uploads.

    From what I understand is wildcard is allowing you to download the map data from the legacy servers they're shutting down. You should be able to take said data and upload the map data to a Nitrado server through ftp.

    DOAGEN would have a better answer on this one. I am more console than pc

  • DOAGEN would have a better answer on this one. I am more console than pc

    Im new to this site / service etc I cannot seem to find a way to PM or message directly,,, is there a way you can forward this topic tohim, or PM him directly and I can check back possibly tomorrow and see whaat he has to say

    Thanks :)

  • As with anything, transfer things around servers is a risk, always!

    I have not seen any posts saying WC is going to allow folks to DL their stuff once disabled. So that means you should do it prior.

    I am not sure how any host server will interact with official. I always thought they had to be CrossARK'd with Nitrado clusterIDs.

    I usually advise folks rent a server for 3 days, try it-. Its how I learn.

    Also I dont use a single server for multiple maps. The character file gets rather large that way, and is more vulnerable to data corruption.

    You should be able to at least take all your dinos to one server.

    What I would do is grab your files asap and dl them to your PC via FTP. At least you will have the save file. Then from there you can play with the file.

    Make 2 copies. One as 'as built' to always have the original. And 2nd to play around with