A few issues with the server

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  • Hello everyone o/ I'm new to Nitado but not to hosting Space Engineers servers, hopefully I can be of some help in my time here.

    I have some things going on (currently 2 support tickets active, I'll note those below) I'm hoping some others have solved these issues and can help out. Without any further adieu, here's what's currently going on.

    1, Constant restarts. (current support ticket) There's a lot about this in the threads but I either don't have or can't find the Force Restart/Force Shutdown button. Originally I thought this had something to do with the Scheduled Restart function, the server didn't start having these problems until I attempted to schedule a noon and midnight restart. With the scheduled restarts active it was restarting randomly, usually around every 2 hours. Currently the scheduled restarts have been removed but the server is still randomly restarting. It's currently been offline for a little over 4 hours now and this has prompted me to seek out additional help.

    2, Space Engineers needs more than 8GB RAM. I've selected the max tier I could and that's at 8GB. Does anyone know if it's possible to request more RAM? and where to do that?

    3, Server PCU settings. (current support ticket) I didn't see any lines for the server PCU in the setup screen for the server. I did allow it to start and create a save file so that I could manually change the server config files but those changes aren't saving, it seems to revert back to the factory settings. Ignore last instance is set to false. Yes, I am stopping the server before making the changes. Is there somewhere else the ignore last instance is? It seems like it's set to true somewhere and loading another config file. At least with my past experience that's what it seems to be doing.

    In the config files that don't seem to be saving, I'm trying to set the server PCU to 900,000 and set the PCU limits Per_Player, but as mentioned, it's not loading the settings from the modified .cfg files.

    4, Server Logs. Looking through the server logs I'm getting errors about blueprints for known (default) blocks not loading. I get those just before it restarts the server. Has anyone else had similar issues with this? How did you fix it?

    That's all that's going on right now. I hope these can get sorted out with everyone's help and I hope I can be of service to other owners in the future.