Gamer prefrence question

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  • I'd say personal preference from all the servers I have played on or ran.

    If you don't mind server administration then having large Tribes could be a good thing.

    Because when peeps leave and join tribes, moving Dinos is pretty easy. But full on base structures arent that fun to move around. I installed a 'copy' mod that helps with that issue.

    Note also when you set the dino tamed size, that is for the entire tribe. So say you set 100, you may have a player that hordes tames and if they do 99, the other member of a 2 person tribe can only do 1.

    So smaller tribes would be better to eliminate that.

    If you have smaller tribes, you can allow alliances. The only bad thing there is you cant ride each others dinos. But servers have figure out how to work around that issue.

    Typically I see average sizes of 4-5, no more than 7-10. That alone of sizes will keep an admin busy with a popular server.

    again, personal preference is the answer.