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  • Ever since I ordered a nitrado server this "sleep mode" as it says puts the server to sleep but when someone joins, it doesn't pull the server out of sleep mode, making the server unavailable until I turn off this option and restart the server. Only problem with that is when the server is restarted it will enable the "sleep mode" option again and the same process happens again.

    My friends cannot play because they have to wake me up or annoy me to restart the server.

    I created a ticket and they are no help, they constantly ask if the issue has been resolved because "people are on the server"

    I explained the problem more in detail a couple of days ago and have not heard from them. Is there something I'm missing here?

    Note I am using McMyAdmin to turn off sleep mode and the server automatically restarts.

  • Hi there

    If you have a Forge server please deactivate

    McMyAdmin and Performance Mode!

    With Vanilla this is a super thing!

    On Forge server, it leads to errors and restart loops.

    That is my experience.

    MfG Conan ;)

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    Discord: Conan#3864

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