Custom Modpack failing to work

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  • Hi all!

    I'm aware there's already a forum post similar to my issue but isn't actually the issue I'm having, which is why I'm making a post here.

    The modpack in question is Dungeons, Dragons & Space Shuttles. I've followed the Nitrado guide perfectly and when it comes to running the server, it loads up until it loads the dimensions and just stops dead in it's tracks with no reason behind it. The console just says "Server stopped" but not much to work with, then proceeds to reboot again in an endless bootloop. Has anyone encountered this issue before with any modpack or the same one?

    To me, it seems like it crashes on world creation, like it's wrangling everything together to form a world file but gives up and goes for another round of booting up. And yes, the server boots on my desktop PC flawlessly but only has this trouble on the Nitrado server.

    Any help would be appreciated (and yes, I've contacted support and I'm hoping to find a fix here in between responses)

  • hmm ...

    I've seen similar problems before ...

    did you install the server manually?

    can you show us the logs?

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