Ark: Survival Evolved expert settings help

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  • Hi! I got a server for my Xbox one ark. I know how to use the expert settings in a kinda good way but not extreme. I set everything up without the expert settings(multipliers etc...) but one thing I want to do is increase the stacking size for everything in the game(not armor or tools or whatever it doesn’t matter). A big question I have is if I go and enable expert settings will it erase all of my work in the engine settings(per level multipliers for a ton of stuff)? Thank you!:thumbup:

  • If you go to expert settings you will mess up the webUI interface settings. You can not go back and forth. Pick one, and stay with it. As for the engine settings and expertmod, they shouldnt mess up each other. I would copy whatever you currently have in a notepad in case.

    As for stacking, you may want to do additional searching in the forums here as many others have already asked the stacking size question.