Your favorite game?

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  • Having 10+ people line up in a perfect line next to their commander to fire at will has always perplexed me. Line battles in Mount&Blade Napoleonic Wars are the strangest and most structured thing I've ever seen in a multiplayer game.

  • What's everyones favorite game or games you've ever played? It can be new or old.

    I think for me it has to Be Chrono Trigger or FF7. Pretty close between those two!

    good evening, for me my favorite games have been Fallout 4 for about 2,600 hours.

    right now and for a long time I think, it's Dayz. I love Dayz, because you can mod and the atmosphere of the games, I love it.

  • I love everything about FFXIV! Besides a few minor complaints I have about the gameplay and efficiency, this game has blown me away. The story is immersive and the characters are so interesting, the world is beautiful, and the community (for the most part) is very friendly and welcoming.

    Perhaps my favorite thing is that there is so much to do, even if you don't max level. My favorite hobby outside of the main story quests is the Gold Saucer, aka a hub of fun mini-games and contests. It's available for pretty much everyone of all levels, and it's such a fun way to take a break from leveling. Leveling itself is not particularly tedious, and I'm enjoying my time just experiencing the story and earning gil.

    Overall, I highly recommend this game to MMORPG lovers and newbies alike. There's a reason why FFXIV has risen so much in popularity. The development team truly listens to the community, and the community itself is amazing. My new favorite game, by far.