Anyone know about new Timers ?

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  • Since the timers are messed up I am trying to find a medium on my 45X server nothing I have set is working at all

    Normal Settings for my server settings are as follows

    Mature Speed - 45x

    Cuddle Interval - 0.015 ( 8 Second imprints )

    Grace Period Multiplier - 10

    Food Consumption - 0.25

    Lose Imprint Quality Speed - 0.15

    0.015 is now running at 8 minutes


    Support responded as to adjust to 0.008 this doesn't work either imprinting is every 4 minutes giving 3% every hit on a Wyvern its 20% short. So at this point I am confused what happened here, did the Mature speed get screwed up or is it the cuddle timer that got messed up.