Server stuck in restart loop. Fresh install

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  • I have tried to reinstall the game to fresh, defaulted all settings, switched to a different game, uninstalled the game and reinstalled. this is driving me nuts. i start the server and it starts, then after 1 minute it restarts and stays like that until i force stop it. i have put i a ticket but haven't heard anything as of yet. ||||||||||||||||||||. i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas on what to do.

    Game: atlas for xbox one/steam cross play.

  • Hello,

    In the future when you post please include the game and platform so that we may move it to the correct area. Thank you.

    In reference to your server, the mods have no access to servers or accounts. Tickets are picked up in 24-72hrs and in the order in which they are received.

    If a reinstall did not work as you indicated, you will need to be patient and wait for Support as they are the only ones that can remedy.

    Another thing you could try is changing locations if it allows you.

    Thank you.


    Closed the thread.