restarting loop with error message

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  • Hey there!! I would love some help on getting my server out of a restarting loop. I got the force stop and force start I have tried many times to get it to stop so I can start it back up so my players can get on with the game. I just started servers yesterday and already have had many stops and starts to tweek the settings. today they allowed me to stop for abit to code in weight. I saved and I read its good to do a server check before restarting the server so I did and I also read how its best to wait 10 mins after so everything can fall into place correctly blah blah blah.. I come back from feeding my family and click the start server and got a stupid error code (the same error code that still pops up after force stop is used). what error code you may ask well here is my sad error code: Cannot run gameserverjob-stop in parallel. Another event of this type is currently running. it doesnt matter what i try to do it always pops up. so.... can anyone of the oh so busy staff help over here? I have called and waited about an hr now an decided to just try another way, so to facebook, i typed a nice message there to try to get help and it sent me back to the support portal on the Nitrado website nice but it also informed me how i would get a person soon but mins started to fly by and i seen something bout a support ticket.. idk where to go to get that i clicked it all so i just did what it seems everyone does anymore TO GOOGLE!! An well now im making a help me thread. Hope to get some type of help sooner than not


    Closed the thread.