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  • Whats up,

    Pretty much me and a group of friends had a NITRADO server and it was awesome. I want to do the same thing but make my own mods. How do I get mods from Steam and put/download them to my NITRADO server? Is there anything to consider while making the mod in the way of compatibility with NITRADO's servers? Please note my friends will be playing on xbox while im on my pc, is crossplay part of the dodo package?


  • To answer your question will require you to visit the Steam Workshop. You have to download the ARK Dev Kit and get familiar with it in order to create mods. When you create a mod it is assigned ID when uploaded to the Steam Workshop and its process. Once you have the modID you can place it on your server in the mod location. But note your friend will not be able to play with you. CrossPlay is when you purchase the Xbox Server from the MS Nitrado Zpp. That will allow Win10 players to connect and play. But this is without mods.