Offline pvp protection

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  • I have an option for Prevent offline pvp connection timer: Set the time (In Seconds) that it takes for your connections to activate PreventOfflinePvP. which needs to be between 0-1000

    Also, another option for Prevent offline pvp interval: Cooldown time between log off of a tribe or player before their structures or dinos become invulnerable/inactive. Note that all tribe members must be inactive to affect tribe dinos / structures.

    I understand and know how to use the latter, but what is the former for? I have searched Google and everything, I've come up with no information.

  • the first one is if you have pvp enabled you can set the offline pvp timer.

    The second one only applies to PVE. With having PVE you can still aggro wild dinos and they will attack the offline players dinos or buildings. With the offline interval set it basically the exact same as the first one

    Oh my god, thank you. It is beyond appreciated.