Character completely deleted after update...for the second time!

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  • So the other day I went to transfer off rag, as soon as joining session appeared the game dashboarded me and forced me to update ark. We all know how the update went, but even after "issues have been resolved", I still have no character. I have checked on every map on the cluster, and get the character create screen on each map. Nothing in the download character section. The admin cant roll back servers because it wouldn't be fair to any players that have done anything since the other day, which I understand. But I just lost all my imprints on dinos, all my boss engrams, all my levels. This is the second time this has happened to me, the other time it was before extinction dropped.

    Has anyone had this issue and been able to recover without a map rollback? Any ideas would be appreciated.

    Also, I'm not a tech guy, but there's gotta be a better way to push out updates. Can't transfers be suspended or something leading up to the update? Can a blanket message not be sent out to all servers letting them know an update is incoming? Or even just a message to admins so they can hopefully prepare their playerbase? There's gotta be a better way than just forcing the update when people transfer. Not trying to be antagonistic, but it really sucks losing everything not because you were raided, but because of an update. Supposed to make the game better, not worse.

  • Sadly to say welcome to ARK. I have played this game well over 3yrs and this is not new. Generally WC does suspend the Obs before updates and such. Sometimes though things are pushed fast cause its a major break of some level. So what has happened every server admin does their own thing in efforts to prevent these kinds of issues.

    WC only advises in an event a character or stuff is wiped, a rollback. Its up to the server owners weighing in whether or how badly to affect its players progress. As an ARK server admin myself I deal with that stuff all the time. For PCs we have it a tad easier. I watch the WC forums, as well as the ARK wiki and see when an update may be coming. If I see something, I will use FTP and grab a copy of the server just before the update. WC does not send messages out prior. I know, consoles do not have FTP access so this 'preparing' process really isnt all that great.

    If an admin chooses to not rollback, the only other option is the admin can force that player back in their tribe and make them the owner. I have done this time and time again as well.

    I also in my group say game like any other has bugs and and issues. Some things are unrecoverable. I know, a horrible thing to communicate, but its really the only option.

    Another thing I have done with my clusters to prevent this character wipe is simple not allowing character uploads, only items and dinos. And I have to say that has been the best solution for my community. I have very little issues. Yeah, some complained of making a new character but in reality it does not take long to level up if you harvest, build and tame. Even on official servers it does not take all that long.

  • yeah, I get this game has issues, I've been playing it for awhile myself. But losing all my imprints, that's a tough blow. That's mostly what I'm concerned about.

    So no one has ever had any luck recovering a character?