Unable to Query server info for invite

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  • the server was fine for weeks then about an hr ago no one could sign on . does anyone know how to fix this nitrado employees apparently dont start work till 2pm. im seriously done with these people

  • Hi, i think you'll find it's more of a Steam listing server issue than Nitrado as the game is running but if you are as i suspect using Steam client then you having the issue we are getting.

    Joining server fails - timeout connection

    rebooted one of our servers, it's show as started and running yet not showing in the list and direct connection is failing.

    Steam has seemed to be quite poor in recent weeks with their connection but right now it's really bad.

    NOTE: just got onto one of our maps, but Island is still not allowing connection and Raggy not showing up at all... OOF

    hope it helps and give some explanation

  • i was able to get it back after two server restarts im pretty sure it was a server issue and not steam since the web interface was showing some serious weirdness

    the web interface is always flakey that's why i try not to use it and leave well alone ;p. As for the other issue, a couple of members have been on the server all day, however I and others have not been able to connect and getting timed out message but they were still able to run around and do their thing without lag or any other problems, one did log off and couldn't get back on like us.

    NOTE: our servers are all now working, raggy which was rebooted and showing as working was rebooted again when the island and Extinction started to allow us to connect and login. Raggy is now working too. Just glad it wasn't just us having this problem or i think i would have been pulling my hair out lol


    I'd only ever put in a ticket if its a problem for more than 24 hours since it does normally take 24 to 48 hours to get a response or fix and in nearly all cases issues i've had (like this one) has ended up being a global issue so me adding to their list is just piling up their workload and slowing the response times. all seems to have settled down now so it all should be working for people now.