trying to add element into aberration dungeon boxes without replacing base game loot.

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  • I'm trying to add element into the aberration base game dungeon boxes, but i'm having issues. Either element isn't in the box 100% of the time or it's only element in the drop no base game loot, here's the code for the blue box.


  • Is there an easier way around it? Also isn't there a limited amount of space for console ini? That seems like it would take up a lot of space

    Wouldn't this line stop it from replacing base game?


  • You can change to expert setting once you're comfortable enough with making changes. Yes the custom game ini settings under the regular settings mode only has a limited space. Moat customers drops don't fix.

    You will need to go into expert settings and add the code directly to the ini file that way. You cannot switch between the two through as you will lose and reset a lot of your current settings

  • I agree with the above. I use Beacon for all of our drops. Ours are definitely modded differently than official, but even using ragnarok as an example, i have spawn modifications, adding abb dinos to rag, stacking mods, engram mods, crafting requirement mods, AND mods to all of the available drops on the map, as well as fishing and alpha creatures, and have no problem with space in the ini. (to clarify, when I say "mod" I mean modification to the .ini file since im on PS4). But like I said, i use Beacon for all of my drop mods. if you know what comes out of the official drops, you would just need to re-add them and then add your desired "extras", export the ini code, and then copy it and paste it into the game.ini file/web interface/expert settings. Personally, I use a program called "Sublime" (free software that is used for coding/programming/developing) to paste all of my codes into so i can keep a running save file of my changes and essentially "queue" the changes for updates to our cluster. so i can make changes to that file on the go, and then when i have it how I want, i just take the server offline, copy the entire page of code and then paste it into the expert settings. done and done.

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