Dino level cap

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  • Technically, it's configured by whatever your max dino is, multiplied by the amount of stats, but also almost entirely unheard of. Realistically on unofficial there is no cap. Official did instate a cap to stop mod spawned dinos from running amok. But once you calculate the fact you can mutate the same stat over and over again, it's not capped. If you're wondering as per to a specific line, you need to calculate the amount of points your tame has in each stat. So maybe you have a dire bear line and it's highest stats are as follows:

    Health- 50 levels

    Stamina- 50 levels

    Oxygen- 50 levels

    Food- 50 levels

    weight- 50 levels

    Melee- 50 levels
    and movement speed is accounted for, you do gain level status from it.

    You can check tames "wasted" points via the GCM admin gun, or by calculating all of your other stats. However, the basis would be to breed the best stats into one line. So in this case let's say you also have a bear with 50 points in Movement speed. So that would make your max tame level at birth, without mutations - 350.

    A single mutated stat adds 2 point (don't max your lines out though. And also keep in mind you'll have to find and tame loads of things to get an idea of your best stats in the first place.)

    You can use apps like dododex or Sa companion to calculate how many points you have in each stat. Be warned though, if you have custom leveling enabled so they gain more points per level, this makes the work ten times harder.