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  • So I've ran a nitrado server for ark since day one on xbx... I decided to start another cluster recently and am having the most trouble populating servers that ive ever had... I know in part the game is just not as popular as it used to be.. But then i hop over to these servers that have 70+ population and its so laggy they are unplayable.. So i dont see how those hold a population.

    I have my server stats set in such a way that you cant become alpha in a day or 2 but yet its far more easier to build up than official stats. So essentially middle of the road type server that over the past few years alot of people have paid me compliments on.

    I have a bunch of useful coding, ext/ab dinos on every map, custom drops, stack mods... I have harvesting damage to where there wont be a ton of lag if it has a higher population..

    So my question is whats popular stat wise/ ini file wise now a days that you fellow server owners have seen that will get a loyal following of population for those that still love the game?

    I have asked people that have joined and left my servers and the general consensus is they either want it way more boosted or closer to official stats... One would think meeting halfway of those settings wise would attract a healthy pop...

    Anyway thanks for any input just felt like this was a good topic of discussion for server owners.

  • Ok- I will respond. This response is as a server owner and gamer just like yourself and others.

    I have hosted several ARK servers for 3yrs. I have learned one thing: It does not matter how boosted you are, or how close you are to official. It does not matter if you are running mods or not. When you do either of those, you gain some folks, and you lose some folks. You can never keep everyone happy. Even if you have a group say on a boosted server, they reach 'endgame' and move on. The lesson I have learned or seen are the size of their communities. Build a community and do things to keep them interested. Even if ARK is not their cup of tea, bring something else to the community to keep their interest. Many come back to ARK in time. Way more games exist today so folks for the most part run through cycles. As a gamer and server host for over 20yrs, I have seen so many things. I recall back in the day where communities would built on mIRC, then forums, BB forums, Teamspeak, Vent, many other chat tools and the list goes on. People need things to interest their mind.

    Just my .02 and all opinion based on personal observation.

  • i agree it does not seem to matter at this point how boosted or close to official you are. I had the most population when ragnarok map was released with little to no mods (ini files) 20x gather/taming and slightly boosted player and dino stats. There seems to be more servers out there now than there are people that play the game honestly..

    I hosted both dayz and atlas when they came to nitrado to bring something "new" to the community but both games just starting out on a server hosting were and still are not very dependable and buggy.. And i just dont have the time to personally baby sit the servers. Finding responsible admins that actually want to help out the servers and not just play as a god doing everything for themselves is very hard to come by.

  • Hi Tinman, just thought I would reply: I host my own server but to be honest its a friends and family server, mainly family and its only 10 slots but my population is on average 6 players per night.

    I have the difficulty set to official and wild dino's at 150, however I have played official from day one and still own all my stuff on that server from day one on official. The reason why I created my own server was not for the boosted side of things but for my own personal life, IE Ark is very addictive and easily takes hold of your everyday life especially when you get into breeding! I found the grind to raise things on official simply takes to much of my real time and life up, my brothers said the same, not only that i find myself logging in just to top up a geny with fuel and render all bases in a drag!! So why not create my own server that makes breeding a lot easier and virtually remove decay and starvation and increase the fuel length.

    I can leave Ark for 5/6 days if I like and log back in and all is still good! For me if you create a boosted server for that reason then you will only attract the player that wants to advance quickly and like the guy above said hit Alpha/Acsension and off they go to fortnight lol..

    I dont advertise my server but if I did it would be for players who love Ark and want the same as official but without loosing years worth of dedication thanks to decay..