Need assistance setting up Blackwater in a 2x1 server

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  • Morning all! I'm a bit tech slow, does anyone have a guide on how to turn my current 1x1 Blackwood server into a 2x1? Also does anyone know of any decent maps for that new grid? I currently own an Atlas server and an expansion but I'm so lost on how to get it to work together.

  • Blackwood is only a single grid map.

    You need to be on the web interface to get the atlas main and expansion to work together.

    To get your atlas main and expansion tonwork together you need to copy the atlas ID that's located on the dashboard of your main atlas server. Then go into the expansion server and paste that code into the blank atlas ID box. Save the servers. Then go back on the main server and go to where it says server configuration and add your expansion server to the grid you currently have.