ECO server keeps on restarting

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  • well i need them to fix my server. My is constantly restarting and i would really like to get it up and running so me and a bunch of people can play the server. Hopefully they fix my ark server within the next few minutes because im trying to play on it before i have to go to sleep for work in the morning plus i have to get up with my son.

  • I've ordered 2 servers from Nitrado both of which have been stuck in a rolling restart until somebody on the other end did something about it. Server quality is decent once things were working but they gave me a German server out of Frankfurt Germany when I had ordered a server from North America. They claimed to have "Alright the server's being switched over for you now" but that didn't actually happen.

    This is rough, as it's time paid for a service not rendered and Nitrado doesn't seem to have very good customer service. From what I gather more people than less people experience this rolling restart when setting up a Nitrado server. I wonder why? I can't seem to find any information why more than less people / game doesn't seem to matter have this issue with Nitrado servers.


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