Account credit / Xbox One

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  • Good morning,

    I'm from Alberta Canada and wanted to purchase a 1 month dayz server with 10 slots on xbox one. I could not select my country while adding my credit information. I decided to credit my account through the website. I credited my

    account 15$ CAD and jumped back on xbox to purchase the server unfortunately it doesnt appear that I can use the money that's credited on my account. If you guys have to set it up on your end I'm totally okay with that. But Hopefully it can be sorted out ASAP:(

  • Hello

    When it comes to purchasing servers for xbox everything must be done through the Nitrado App on the xbox one itself or the nitrado app on a windows 10 pc. (Nitrado app is downloaded via the Microsoft store). You are going to have to submit a support ticket to have the money refunded to you.

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