Constant restart

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  • I've submitted support ticketes with Nitrado in the past and was met with, it sucks to say but lies.

    I ordered a NA server, was given a German server. I asked for it to be changed, Nitrado support said it was changed... but it wasn't changed and those were just words. I was stuck with and paid for a German server whereby the first 2 DAYS were rolling restarts I had no control over.

    I'm having the same experience now. I figured try Nitrado again before leaving them and going back to Gameservers so I tired ordering another NA server. This time it worked and I was given the same server I had requested and paid for rather than given a random server I didn't ask for / pay for.

    Currently in the same boat as dozens or it seems many people who order from this provider, paying for rolling restarts. W00t. :|