one tab to control all clusters

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  • now here is something maybe to send to nitrado development center. add a button that controlles all the servers and cluster instead of restarting one at a time or stoping them all in one go. of is this run by grapshot too. stop messing around and get your stuff together or fall behind.


  • I do believe the game is intended to have multiple shut downs, think of it this way, each new grid is a server so A1 is its own, A2 is a separate server. Maybe theres an issue in A2 but A1 is perfectly fine, why would you shut down A1 when you only need to work on A2, if you played Ark would you want to shut down your entire cluster because say Ragnarok was having issues or would you just shut down Rag and work on it.

    This is the intent I believe, its so your cluster can continue being active if you need to fix 1 portion of it. Besides, do you reallly want them adding a new button, think about it, we are still missing some pretty major settings, do you think a restart button is a good way to spend their time right now ?

  • Also depends how you run your cluster.

    For PC if you use the WebUI config and replicate it across all grids, you kinda have a single interface already.

    But if you run them as standalones as grids, then you would administer as a server on its own.

    Also you can either reboot the entire cluster with one click, or go to each server. Exists now. Its how I did mine. And I have up to a 4x4.