imposibble to open admin panel

  • hi,

    I can't get admin on my in-game server by pressing tab, why?

    (je n arrive pas a passer admin sur mon serveur en jeu en appuyant sur tab, pourquoi ?)

    sorry for my english i really bad lol

  • Hi,

    try the following steps:

    1: open the cheat console

    2: write in the following: enablecheats password

    3: confirm this (unfortunately there is no confirmation from the game itself and also the button does not change like in ark).

    4: try a cheat e.g.: cheat fly

  • Just as an FYI for future, I've had the issue where a separate grid required the enablecheats to have capitals so EnableCheats Password

    No idea why because my A1 can be all lower case (password is always case sensitive) and A2 MUST be capitalized like above.