Server Stability (Lag, DeSyncing)

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  • Anyone else having similar issues? In the past 10 days or so both of my 64 slot servers have started to become very laggy. I have changed the server hardware twice. The first time it made no difference, The second time it was running very smooth for roughly 24 Hours. Then returned to being extremely laggy.

    example of lag: pushing the button to open a door and the door not opening until 2.5-3.5 seconds later. Or when players are running around it looks as if the Frames Per Second drop down to 15 FPS. Players skipping all over the place.

    My 1st server, I have had my 1 server for a very long time with no issues until recently (the last 10 days).
    My 2nd server, I established about 14 days ago and has basically been horrible with lag since the start.

    My server CPU usage looks good on both servers.

    I end up restarting my server every 2 hours just to assist with reducing the lag. I'm not to sure what else to do at this point. Could this possibly be an issue on Nitrados' end? Are any moderators aware of known issues recently?