how to access the expert settings .ini for my server?

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  • they dont exist yet, all editing need to be dont through the Grid editor, its really a pain in the butt and hoping we get an expert mode sooner rather than later. One would think that it should be done by now but apparently not.

    Seems you cant do that for the blackwood map so the map thats designed for small groups / single server does not allow you to configure a ton of the most important settings for a small group lol.

    Thing that annoys me is it is the same engine as ark, the ini's are located in the same location, have the same sections, so why do we not already have access to them the same as we can in ark? My coding is rusty but shouldnt it be a very simple matter for Nitrado to port the code over their ark web interface?

    Not a bad idea. I would suggest by visiting their forums and post. There is where they will read and see peoples posts.

    Never hurts to try.

    The atlas developers are not very active on their forum, if you go to the xbox bugs page you will see they never reply to issues. From what I have read a lot of the developers are currently working on the ark expansion...but I dont think this is an atlas issue, as I say the ini files are in the same location and the same format as ark so it shouldnt be hard for Nitrado to give us the same access to them (unless I am missing something)

  • You're 100% correct, I've said it before Nitrado is really dropping the ball. They shouldnt be offering these services if they can't be bothered to put the work in to update, and before any mod or troll claims "its not official release" these are things that have been requested for almost ... are you ready for it ? ... a year now. Poop or get of the pot, don't take peoples money for a service you can't/won't provide.

    It's all there in ark, even the Ark admin commands work to a degree (even though they don't tell you this) most work. Then you have the wait .. the ever lasting wait for a reply from someone that's actually paid and has a clue. The mods do their best.

  • I cant seem to find the .ini files anywhere in the web interface.

    i for one feel your pain. we need access to this in order to change ship weight and other things. also get steam approved mods on crossplatform systems are really needed maybe if we complain enough things might change.

    Mods wont be allowed on Xbox, its a Microsoft thing not a steam thing.

  • yes i for one am getting alittle upset about only being able to have half the access on our nitrado server. there saying its a grapshot problem and or microsoft. dont know who to beleve anymore because of the stuff that was said from one to another. cross play does not have access to some files that are needed to change some of the aspecs of the game that needs attention. mods would be nice to impliment into our servers but we can not due to cross play. now some are saying that microsoft will not allow mods but i beg to differ. there are a few games that you are able to install mods in eg: fallout, farming sims, ect if we can not get access to the game ini then atleast let us install mods thank you

    please repost this or send it to who ever get get this rec.

    i posted this on grapeshot hope this helps now off to microsoft.

  • All games and Dev companies have their own process of a game. And even once the game gets to a stage of full release, you then have to wait if companies have access, and once that has been established, you have to allow time to custom code the interface. I have done this far too long to understand it.

    Remember, Atlas is BETA. Its still considered BETA for PC. So that means most of the time the consoles are always behind. The fact is, MS/Sony allow things to be release or opened when they are ready too. No one can force them. All we can do as gamers (myself) is continue to post and push them in a 'constructive' manner. They may some day choose to never open consoles to mods. The other side of the coin is the vocabulary. Some think 'editing' their config is a mod. And technically that can be accurate as you "mod"ified the existing code. Not saying this is the case here. Just more info.

    At this time for Atlas per the vendors of MS/Sony "game mods" to be installed in the directory file structure of the game with a modID is not available at this time.

    But you can enhance your experience using the JSON editor with modifications. And those that have actually used JSON or understand its coding, you can do alot in it. Although we are still limited to like SP/DLC like Blackwood where you can not edit all that much.

  • yes atlas is in beta but it's really just a reskin of ark and we all know it. Yes console gets things way behind pc players and we all know it.

    But pc players can access the ini file and console can not yet they can both play together at the same time so the coding is the same. Simple fix. Stop letting half the players get things the other half cant especially when you allow them to play together.

    They just need to open it up like ark where I can host my own server from my extra xbox and not have to deal with a 3rd party who seems to have alot of issues themselves which add to the game issues already. Way to many problems for a game in beta should not of been released yet. I have been beta testing games for over 20 years from pc to console. And while I never beta tested ark, I do have to say this is by far the worst beta test ever. I have alpha tested games half done that are in better shape the atlas is which is bad bc I really love the game overall.

    If I could of experienced these issues in my 3 hour trial I would not of bought the game yet.

    Just saying for a beta game, the devs need to pay attention and respond to ppl if they want thier game to succeed. Ignoring players who pay for your game to beta test it for you is a quick way to kill a game. Same goes to nitrado and thier servers....

  • I sort of figured this out, you have to go to settings> configure your atlas> and then "download server configuration" open that file in Notepad or Notepad++ and search for "OverrideShooterGameModeDefaultGameIni" put code in between the { }.

  • I sort of figured this out, you have to go to settings> configure your atlas> and then "download server configuration" open that file in Notepad or Notepad++ and search for "OverrideShooterGameModeDefaultGameIni" put code in between the { }.

    I think the issue a lot of people are running into is not where to put it but how to put it, a lot of people are sharing .ini files which do not work because the codes have different parameters, so in many cases someone leaves in the " for example. I've tried inserting numerous codes in between the {} only to have it not work even though someone else has it working. Now putting the code right into the grid editor works for some of the minor stuff like Stat adjustments for characters but has to be entered line by line. Then you have the wikis which are a shot in the dark at best, for example the Nitrado Json wiki says put your code exactly where you are saying to put it, BUT, if you put it through the grid editor it actually goes between the brackets of the same code but further down the list not the first "OverrideShooterGameModeDefaultGameIni".

    More working visuals would help numerous people, next time your in your notepad/notepad ++ take a screen shot of how it looks, so people can see the code and exactly how and where it should look and be.