Can you locally save PS4 Ark Save Backups?

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  • Hi there, hopefully I'm posting this question in the right section. Not too long ago my friends and I decided to get back into Ark after a couple months hiatus but when we tried, our server wasn't being listed. I submitted a ticket and was told that back in September the server backups were corrupted and to fix this we would have to restore a previous backup predating the corruption. However at the time of this issue being discovered, it was already 3 weeks after the fact and our server is only backed up to the previous 3 days or so.

    It seems the only way we can fix this issue is by reinstalling the server but our issue is that we have invested several hundred of hours into these servers and would hate to see all of this progress wiped. I won't lie, I'm not that savvy when it comes to maintaining servers (I'm pretty new to this) so my questions are:

    1.) If we reinstall the server, will this wipe our save game? (i.e. existing tames, builds, etc.)

    2.) If so, is there a way we can backup our Internal Save Game Backups locally and restore them once the server has been reinstalled? (Please keep in mind that these servers are being run on the PS4)

    Thanks to any help that can be provided

  • Yes, anytime you do a reinstall of the server it will wipe the existing files which include the profile and saved games.

    And no, you are not able to backup console games locally. The vendors prevent this.